Nice to Meet You.

Hey Ho, Gorgeous. So happy you've stopped by. 

My name is Brooke Lark. I've been blawgging for 100-thousand years. Started back in the early days, when we used to shoot prey with bows and arrows, eating like men over a bonfire.  

Today I work as a food photographer, recipe developer, copywriter, cookbook authorsenior editor and brand consultant, for a variety of brands, including: kitchenware giant Good Cook, General Mills, Nature Nate's, Disney's, Silicon Valley darling, celebrity nutritionist Yuri Elkaim,, and

I live in the heart of stunning Salt Lake City, have built a beautiful home studio, and enjoy the dickens out of my four smart & saavy teens, one naughty Australian Shepherd and a bike-loving boyfriend who sports a mohawk. It's a good life.

I love working with brands to both create made-to-go viral content and have a passion for working with foodies who want to build their own personal brands, become kickass freelancers and make waves in the workplace. If you're interested in connecting with me in any capacity, buzz along a hello. There are so many thrilling ways to rock the world. Let's talk about how we can do that together.

The Secret Life of Lark

Long-time blog readers will know I've transformed in big ways since the early days. Since starting that first blog, life has changed a lot. In the last 9 years, I've lost my religion, survived divorce, taught myself how to lose 15 pounds, watched four beautiful babies grow from tots to teens, navigated the oft-exhausting waters of single motherhood, gotten two tattoos, launched two new companies and a variety of incredible projects, discovered how to date again, partnered with an incredible man, learned how to integrate said incredible man (who had no children of his own) into a pre-fabbed family of 5, taken up mountain biking, built a stunning photography studio and encouraged a passionate family-wide addiction to local coffee shops

I believe in living life with arms and eyes wide open. I believe cleansing comes after you've climbed a mountain on clipless pedals.  That the uncomfortable, awkward moments of trying-new-things are worth sitting in. I believe in words and wildness, live for creative expression and love the groundedness I feel when surrounded by people I love. 

Life is good. Food in amazing. Simple is splendid. Everyday is an opportunity to build a life you love. If you think so, too, come. Stay. Sit a while. Let's be friends. I'm delighted to have someone like-minded and lovely like you in my neck of the woods.